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Apple has announced smaller versions of the iPhone and iPad Pro at an event hosted in San Francisco.  苹果公司在旧金山举办的发布会上宣告,公司将发售小版本的iPhone和iPad Pro。  The iPhone SE has the same processing and graphics performance of the larger Apple 6S, the firm said, and can capture 4K video. The iPhone SE will be available in 110 countries by the end of May. With a starting price of $399/$499, the new iPhone is the most affordable handset Apple has ever released, Apple said.  苹果公司声称,Iphone SE和苹果6s享有某种程度的处置性能和图像展现出,此外iphone SE还反对4k摄像机。五月底,iphone SE将在多达110个国家预售。

售价仅有为399/499美元的iphone SE是苹果公司有史以来“最经济”的手机,苹果公司说道。  The new iPad Pro will have a 9.7 inch screen - the same size as the original iPad. It also said the new iPad Pro would be available in three different storage sizes with an extra large 256GB version.Pricing will begin at $599 for the smallest version and will ship in the US at the end of the month.  新版的iPad Pro享有9.7寸屏幕——和第一代iPad屏幕大小完全相同。此外苹果还宣告新版iPad Pro将有三个储存版本,特大储存版本为256G。

其中大于内存版本售价为599美元,将于本月底在美国上市。  Geoff Blaber from CCS Insight said there were no surprises but that the products were still crucial to Apples business. A new price point and new hardware should not be underestimated, he said.  英国移动咨询公司CCS Insight的员工杰夫·布拉巴指出,整场发布会“没什么惊艳”,但新产品对苹果公司的经营依旧十分最重要。

“决不要高估新的价格起点和新的硬件”,他说道。  The firm also showed off a recycling robot called Liam which can strip down old iPhones into their components for reuse. The Apple Watch is to come down in price to $299 from its launch price of $349, chief executive Tim Cook also announced.  苹果公司还展出了他们的重复使用机器人——李阿姆,这个机器人可以把苹果手机零件挤压,并重复使用利用。